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My semester here at Stony Brook is coming to a close and with that my a cappella group, the High C's, will be hiatus for the summer with lots of planning and thinking of events and more planning to do. After a trip up to SUNY Potsdam and a concert with the Pitches, Pointercounts and A Sharp Arrangement, I was chatting with one of my fellow group members and we came up with the idea of putting together a fun kind of summer group to keep as many of us as possible in shape for the coming acayear.

I followed up on this idea and decided to send out a friendly facebook message to see who, of the people I was friends with, would be interested in forming a summer group. To my delight there has been a lot of good feedback concerning this idea. Hopefully some good fun times and wonderful music will flow from the creative minds of these close to NYC college kids.