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Ever dreamed of making your own successful a cappella album?  A new intensive seminar promises to teach you how.

Based out of Chicago, A cappella Boot Camp—or “ABC,” for short—brings together award-winning record producer Freddie Feldman and respected a cappella coach and music promoter Dave Brown for a one-of-a-kind intensive DIY recording experience.

“Gone are the days when artists would spend months in some fancy recording studio recording an album on zillion-dollar equipment.  You can make the same great music with a microphone, a laptop, and a closet,” says Brown.  “With this boot camp, Freddie and I will show singers how to do it themselves, from square one, A to Z.”

A cappella groups tracking and editing their own music seems to be a growing phenomenon.  But sometimes it comes with mixed results, says producer Feldman.

“I often work with groups that track their own music and send it to me for mixing. For some of them, I wish I could go back in time and show them better, cheaper, and smarter ways to do it. If they could get started on the right foot, they’d have a tremendous advantage over other groups.  And that’s precisely what we want to do with A cappella Boot Camp.”

The 5-day intensive camp, the first of which is currently scheduled for August 2010—precise dates to be chosen based on participants’ availability—will be a customized experience for an exclusive group of seven students.  But it doesn’t come cheap: tuition for the camp is set at $1300.  But Brown and Feldman assure that’s a drop in the bucket compared to what many a cappella groups are already paying to record their albums.

“It’s very common for a cappella groups to spend over $10,000 making an album.  Some spend twenty [thousand dollars] or more,” notes Brown.  “In this seminar, we’ll teach singers to handle most of the recording process themselves, saving them thousands in studio time.  We’ve designed ABC to be chock full of time- and money-saving tips.  It’s really a waste of money not to attend.”

To make the tuition even more palatable, Brown and Feldman plan to hand each participant a so-called “Survival Kit” full of 10+ free professional albums, discounts on mixing services, electronic pitch pipes, DIY recording literature, and exclusive discounts with recording gear retailer Sweetwater Sound.

Even before the first seminar, the a cappella community is already giving a positive response.  Amanda Newman, Executive Director of Varsity Vocals—the organization responsible for the international high school and college a cappella championships, as well as the Best Of College A cappella (BOCA) recorded compilation series—has come out publicly in high praise of the event.

“What a tremendous opportunity for singers, both young and old, to learn the ropes of recording,” she says.  “Freddie and Dave are well respected authorities and leaders in our community.  And they’re first-class teachers, too.  Any group looking to take control of their albums would do well to attend.”

CASA President Julia Hoffman, also Director of the Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards (CARAs) and Executive Producer of the elite SING compilation, echoed Newman’s praise: “Dave and Freddie will unlock the potential for musicians at every level to make incredible a cappella albums while saving thousands of dollars. They are ready and willing to give away all of the best secrets in the business. Don't miss it!”

Slots are already filling up for the first ABC seminar this August.  For more information on the seminar, visit www.acabootcamp.com.