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It has been 10 years since we came to light. A group of guys from different countries that shared their love and passion for both a cappella and inspirational music.

We all found our singing roots based on a four-part harmony quartet called the King's Heralds (KH). This quartet served as inspiration through its many line-ups for hundreds of people across the world, including the members of Undivided. Although many of us grew up listening to the KH's music, it was Take 6 that define our paths as vocalists with their six-part hamonies and soulful songs. On a quiet, but emotional night for us, we started reheasing for the first time in small choir room at our local church. The T6 song we learned was Quiet Place, although after rehearsal it was far from quiet due to our loud cheers and complete satisfaction of not only being part of something special, but because we were able to accomplish what in our minds to that point was unachievable...learning a T6 song in a few hours!

A few weeks later we chose Undivided as our band name because we were able to stick together even though we were singing and performing in other groups individually and this "Learn a Take 6 Song" experiment had resulted in a new band. We all left our 'other' commitments and purposely pursued Undivided as our main musical act.

The band progressed from the six-part harmonic structures to incorporating vocal percussion. As a result, we were able to adapt hymns and inspirational songs to our roots...latin music. We developed an understanding of the different latin rhythms and created our own sound. The fact that we were from different countries such as Panama, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Cuba allowed us to enrich our sound.

We have recorded four albums to date, two album in English and two in Spanish. We have felt the need to let the latin world know that a cappella music is beautiful, it can be played in the radio (can be commercial), as our song have been played in both Christian and mainstream radio stations through several cities in the US and internatinally. Because of this hunger for latin a cappella music,  Undivided was signed to a major record deal in 2006 with Universal Latin Music and released "Amor Verdadero" which was nominated and was runner up for a CARA award for best religious album. The song 'El Nazareno' from this album won a CARA award for best religious song. The group is currently negotiating a deal with another major label.

The world of latin music has definitely opened its doors to us and other groups like Vocal Sampling, Vocal Song, Test-aT, Clas5inco, and most recently the winners of last year's Sing-Off Nota, in which a former member of Undivided performs.

As we move into the future, one thing is certain, a cappella music will continue to grow and all we can do is put our little grain of salt to make it interesting to all.