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Lots of changes for episode #2!  The show is now cohosted by CASA's Dave Brown (former member of BYU's Vocal Point) and Joey C, who also hosts the Acappella U podcast.  Robert Dietz (of Ascending Height) interviews songwriter/producer Tat Tong.  We've also switched to AAC format to give you chapter markers and photos and albums covers, or you can stick with mp3 if you need to.

This week, Dave and Joey C highlight the A Cappella Originals mp3 Library, which offers free downloads to CASA members. Send us comments and suggestions by email at podcast@casa.org, or by phone at 415-358-8067- we may even play your message on the air!

Blue Jupiter "Green Shaggy Carpet Ride" / Toxic Audio "Putting Words in My Mouth" / The Exboyfriends "Exboyfriend" / Tat Tong interview / S.T.C. "Why" / S.T.C. "Revocation"

For more info on all the music you hear, visit the A Cappella Originals mp3 Library in the Multimedia section of CASA.org.

- Chris Tess, A Cappella Originals