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So I haven't seen much news posted around CASA about this, maybe because most of the mentions prior to the awards were just rumors (even our own Kari Francis of the UCSD DOTs only heard a rumor), but it appears it was true: Taylor Swift found the UCSD Tritones singing one of her songs on YouTube and asked them to perform with her at the ACM awards this Sunday night.  Some of the press I've seen since omits who the backup singers were or why they were there...and to be sure, this wasn't an A cappella performance.


I'm not especially a fan of Miss Swift, though she's perfectly fine, but I do appreciate anyone who reaches out to others in music and wants to share the experience with them on a stage.  We all know that happens all the time around AcaLand, but it's nice to see it happen on the larger stages (Jay Leno regularly has The Alley Cats open for him in Vegas, Naturally 7 is touring with Buble, etc.).

And one last point: how perfectly random.  It's one thing to be an A cappella group that goes out for a national show, or even an A cappella contest show, but to be randomly noticed by someone and plucked from "obscurity" to share an experience like that on a national stage?  Love it.

Hoping The Sing Off 2 brings even more exposure!


In talking to the Tritones'

In talking to the Tritones' director recently he noted that information about them performing was NOT supposed to have been leaked (in the form of either of the articles that surfaced) until AFTER the performance; the Tritones had an interview with the local FOX affiliate yesterday detailing their experience.

The UCLA Scattertones were also involved in the performance as I understand, though I've yet to see any mention of them (the choir behind Taylor is ~30, not just the 16 Tritones though a few 'tone alumni also performed).

The performance can be seen on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tX_zJvRIuoY

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