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Just a quick note that Frequency participated in the Los Angeles Harmony Sweeps last night and had a GREAT time!  What an amazing group of competitors.  A huge congratulations the the LA Winner SOUNDSTAGE!  They'll be representing LA for the 2nd time at the Finals.

We learned at lot, grew more as a group, supported old friends, and made new ones!  This is what the CAP experience is all about!

Anyone know a cheap (or free) way to get me to San Rafael to support SoundStage in the finals, let me know!  :)  Will sing for tickets.


SoundStage's CD

If you didn't get one at the Regional, be sure & get a copy of their CD.  It's quite marvelous (& I ain't just sayin' that 'cause they're our reps to San Rafael)!!



Wil Hamblet

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