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Bay Area Showcase Chorus, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, seeks partner(s) to share rehearsal space. We are an award winning chorus and a chapter of Sweet Adelines International. Our chorus has around 107 active members.

If you have space that you would like to share, we would be interested. If you are looking for space, perhaps we can pool our resources?

Here is our wish list for space -- anything close to this is worth checking out:

  • Rehearsal Hall overall size: 4,000-5,000 square feet.
  • Main Room to accommodate risers and audience: 65 X 50 feet clear of poles; our risers, when all 11 are set up, measure 57' X 18'
  • Ceiling Height: 11-12 feet
  • Flooring: Carpeting preferred for acoustics
    Break-out Rooms: 1-3, large conference room size (one able to accommodate 50 people would be a plus)
    Parking: Safe, well-lighted, with spaces for about 110 cars and our riser trailer.
    Our trailer is: 7' X 14' X 6' high. Permanent storage on site would be a Plus.
    100% HVAC preferred.
    Security and Janitorial Services, if available, or we will arrange.
    Good restroom facilities with capacity for 2+
    Handicapped accessible
    Good central South Bay/Peninsula location with easy access to freeways
    Available to our chorus on Thursday nights (6PM-11PM)
    Available to our chorus on 1or 2 other weeknights, 1-2 times a month
    Available to our chorus one weekend approximately once monthly or bimonthly.
  • We would like to be able to leave the risers, sound system, mailboxes, costumes, etc. at the facility.
    • Lockable Storage area is desirable and we could arrange this, if necessary
    • Ability to leave our risers set up would be a bonus

This is a wish list and items may be negotiable. All offers considered. If interested, please contact Margaret Hanson at  email membership@singharmony.org, and/or Birgit Andersen at email info@singharmony.org.

To learn more about Bay Area Showcase Chorus, visit www.singharmony.org.




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