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MARBLEHEAD, MA - Marblehead High's newest a cappella group rocked a full house in Salem Saturday night.

The 14 young men who call themselves The Grizzly Freakin' Man Singers opened for the professional a cappella group Overboard at the Salem Theatre Company. Overboard acts as mentors for the Grizzlies, who are also referred to as GFMS.

Asked where they came up with the name Marblehead High junior Dylan Welch, the group's music director and emcee, said, "We had dozens and dozens and dozens of names to choose from. We narrowed them down through a voting process until we came up with two finalists: The Do Re Migos and The Grizzly Freakin' Man Singers."

"Most of us liked Grizzly Freakin' Man Singers. Dan Raynes, one of our two business managers, came up with the name, I think originally as a joke."

On the serious side GFMS shows how many male singers there may be in a high school.

Marblehead High Music Teacher Amanda Roeder, who also established the school's two award-winning a cappella groups, the Jewel Tones and the Luminescence, admitted, "I started the Grizzlies last year in a very haphazard way. I knew that a male a cappella group was long overdue at Marblehead High. (So) I announced that we were starting a boys' group and then I had to do it."
"There were no auditions - I wanted to prove that anyone can sing. I started with a core group of guys from the Jewel Tones and charged them with recruiting others. We very soon had more than 20 interested guys."

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