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03/29/2010 22:07
04/05/2010 23:59
America/New York

For all A Capella groups, wanted to share a great opportunity to participate in an Oreo Cakesters Jingle video contest.  You'll  get the chance to  professionally record an iconic brand jingle, have it be heard on national radio and meet some pretty cool famous singing Idols Matt Giraud and Anoop Desai along the way.  Details are below, deadline is rapidly approaching so make sure to enter today!  Don't forget to read the rules (only 4 people/video, must include product, etc.).  Any questions, just shout.  Thanks for considering!  Best,Dana

  Oreo Cakesters Jingle ContestDEADLINE: April 5DETAILS:Submit a short video of your own unique version of the Oreo Cakesters jingle.   To enter, visit  http://www.nabiscoworld.com/oreo/cakesters/jingle.aspx where you can view the lyrics and check out sample jingles from our famous singing idols.   Plus, all the specific contest details including the April 5 deadline, the 18 year age limit for the main entrant, the fact that only four people can participate in the video and that you need to incorporate Oreo Cakesters into the submission can be found on the Web site as well.