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So I figured it out. I have this grrrreat idea and I know that nobody (I know) has done it before.  C'mon gang! 


You haven't HEARD everything/SEEN everything...so people please stop saying you do original arrangements. I want to throw up on your original arrangements. Creativity is a prerequisite; the rest is what you do with it and until a cappella competes with 'regular' music regularly, it's still just cute.

That being said, I'm getting frustrated. After completing a 7.5 minute long, 12 song 4 Seasons Medley that nobody in the group could sing, I realized something...we sell the hooks.  It's the HOOKS! Doiee.  

Pop music = hook + person....that's it.

Rock music = hook + distortion

Rap/Hip Hop = hook (sampled x 200) + beat

Country = hook +  ??

Funk = hook + bass line

The rest of it is just unimportant...the lyrics: who cares; the melody of the verse: who knows...I am actually finding it hard right now to think of Michael Jackson lyrics that are not the name of the song!

When I arrange I have to put together the whole schmutz of 5 voices and/or beat box and it takes 10 minutes to get the right chording whereas on a guitar it takes 3 seconds...no schmutz, just hooks.  I'm also NOT the kind of dude who has arrangements finished in my brain just swirling around until I can Finale it...(Marc Johnson)...Maybe that's why juuuust about anybody can put together a band and write some songs and get on a crappy bar stage and make 200 bucks and one song out of the 13 crap ones has something to it...it seems to me...

A cappella is starting there. we already take that good song and try to make it a little different...tweak it...TIAA CREF? (we don't make the things you use, we make the things you use better)...whatever.

Just saying-there's a categorical error in how we go about this stuff and SPEED seems like the biggest road block.

Picture this...dude in basement tunes up guitar and plays 1-4-5-1...in tune...sounds kindof ok. Hums a melody and a song is born.    now instead call up the troops to see if they can meet Friday but Tim's still in work and Bob has another gig and can't make it by 7 and so you try to arrange it but your trial version of Finale is up and by this time you're hungry and feel like playing the guitar...

I know there are ways around it, but it's like a fat guy in the aisle of the grocery store and of course you're the jerk because you squeeze by...

ok, how's that? did i make a point? not sure, just STOP saying original arrangements...only the 3 other a cappella groups at the show care...


oh and ps...

yes, i'm posting a comment on my post. 

I move we stop calling original songs "Originals" and just call them Songs and clarify that cover songs are in fact "Cover Songs."  The standard should be original. The rest is perpetually subservient/secondary/'chump-ish'

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