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New Bass Singer Needed for Amazing Jazz Vocal Group!

West Side 5, the dynamic and talented NYC-based vocal jazz group, is seeking a new bass to replace our current bass, who is moving to California over the summer.  

The Group

We specialize in tight jazz ensemble singing, following in the footsteps of greats like Manhattan Transfer, The Real Group, and New York Voices. We currently have a repertoire about evenly split between published Real Group arrangements and original arrangements of (primarily) jazz standards. You can hear some of our demo tracks here: www.myspace.com/westsidefive.  We're looking to expand our repertoire of originals and eventually phase out the published arrangements that we currently perform. 

The group was formed less than a year ago, but we've already attracted a strong following in New York, and have earned strong reviews. 

The Commitment

   We rehearse once a week, plus one weekend rehearsal a month. We're looking to perform regularly (i.e. a few times a month) at both public venues and private functions around the city. We do this for fun, but we also do get paid, and split our fees evenly among the group members. (But you won't be able to quit your day job.)

What We're Looking For

  We're seeking a highly musical bass singer with a very strong ear for difficult harmonies, as well as a reliable, precise sense of time and rhythm. Experience singing in the jazz style (a la Real Group, with walking/rhythmic bass lines) will be a big plus, but is not necessarily required. You must also be a low bass -- E-flats should be nothing for you (loud, strong, and reliable), and you should have a solid, comfortable D-flat. Most of our music bottoms out there, though there are some C's as well. We sing both amplified and not amplified, depending on the venue.
We'll be holding auditions in the months to come; the position will open up sometime this summer, probably late June or early July (this date is still flexible). 

If you'd like to audition, or have any questions, please email us at westsidefive@gmail.com.