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You wouldn’t head out into the wild without your swiss army knife, would you? Well, the world is a jungle, so before leaving home on your a cappella adventure, make sure you pack your:

* Pocketones pitchpipe. See my previous blog for a full explanation. Don’t leave home without it. 

* A water bottle. Yes, you can buy hundreds of plastic bottles a year, but don’t you know about the giant garbage flotilla in the middle of the Pacific? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Pacific_Garbage_Patch - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLrVCI4N67M) Get a water bottle you can call your own, and you’ll never be thirsty on flights, on road trips, in your hotel room in the middle of the night, and most importantly on stage. I recommend a metal one. Sigg is easy to find, and there are plenty of other excellent brands. 

* Cough drops. Sometimes a gig will leave me high and dry (especially in Denver. Ugh), and I find a cough drop while I’m talking to fans after the show is a little like a bottle of gatorade after 4 quarters. Your milage may vary.

* Sudafed. Most medicine doesn’t shorten a cold, but this will, if it starts in your nose. Post nasal drip can spread a virus and lead to a sore throat, but if you shut off the faucet you’ll heal more quickly and save your throat for tomorrow night’s show. Zinc losenges are also clinically proven to shorten a cold. 

* Bathing suit. Hot tub!

* Laptop. So you can check CASA and RARB from the road. And post, of course.

* Some kinda snack. Because the food on planes sucks (if there is any) and you might get hungry while speeding down 95 to your next gig.

* Promo materials. You always have a copy of your business cards and CDs, right? Right.

Optional items:

* MP3 player. In case you can’t wait til you get home to listen to Mouthoff.

* Video camera. For capturing your adventures to share with your fans. When appropriate.

* Eyemask and/or earplugs. If you’re a light sleeper, and/or you don’t get back to the hotel until dawn. 

* Backup SM58. Because you never know. And if you’re in a jam, you can use it as a hammer, or to crush ice. 

And please don’t forget your clothes, or a toothbrush. Naked a cappella singers with bad breath make us all look bad.


so much better than playing an instrument!

no drumset. ever.

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