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Ball in the House are looking for a tenor and a baritone to fill our roster. This will be a very smooth transition for all involved. Aaron (8 years) and Dan (7 years) are moving on to do other things but will be sticking around to help with this process. They will be here until the summer and Aaron will be working with our agent on behalf of BitH. He will assume a managerial role with Ball in the House so that we can focus on the music side of things. Aaron will be finding us new opportunities and driving us to bigger and better things. Very exciting stuff. Dan is excited to move back to Minnesota to spend time with family. Grad school is in his future. (plus, he wants to mourn with all of the Viking fans.) I couldn't resist. :)

What are we looking for:

Tenor and baritone who is ready to do this full-time. Preferably between the ages of 25-35, but that isn't really important if the person is of strong character. Great starting salary. (vacations are in the schedule. Christmas, Easter and a big part of the summer are used for family/away from the band time) A great talent and a great guy. Mentally fit and spiritually fit as well :) It's important to tune off stage so that we can tune on stage. There are no egos here. We are a team and love what we do. We are very blessed to be able to sing full-time and hopefully impact peoples' lives along the way. Especially thru our outreach. We are a Boston based group, so living in or near Boston would be ideal.

We do educational out-reach, Performing Art Centers, Festivals, Private gigs and any other gig you can think of. We are a soul/r&b/pop group. We do originals and covers. We think audience first. So we are very open minded to a new person's ideas and vision. This is a business and again, I have to say that we are just so blessed to have had a great career and will continue to do so. Plus, we don't want to get real jobs...at least for another 10 years.

Check out www.Ballinthehouse.com, www.facebook.com/Ballinthehouse for more info on us.

Please email me at Dave@Ballinthehouse.com or call me at 617-686-3509 with any questions.

Blessings to you all,