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Every critic has secrets. Some played in Bob Seger cover bands. Others still like the Eagles' "Hotel California."

My secret, until now, was my a cappella history. I sang in choir throughout elementary and high school. But at Westminster High School, some friends and I created an a cappella group in the contemporary style of those performing at the Harmony Sweepstakes each year.

The Harmony Sweepstakes, an annual regional a cappella competition, was the highlight of our year. It was an opportunity to see the biggest acts, and it was our goal to perform on that stage. And after a number of opening gigs at Acappella's and other bars, my teenage group — A Cappella, Inc. (groan, I know) — were invited to the sweepstakes.

I loved my time in a cappella, especially because it introduced me to Sarah Moss, the current producer of the 21st annual Rocky Mountain Regional Harmony Sweepstakes at Colorado Heights University Theater at 7 p.m. Saturday.

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