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This Saturday (February 20, 2010) at 8 p.m., the Academical Village People (AVP) from the University of Virginia will be hosting their fifth annual Village Jam Benefit Concert at the Paramount Theater in Charlottesville. The show, which will feature fellow Cavalier groups the Hullabahoos and Virigina Gentlemen, will see the entirety of its proceeds donated to Haitian disaster relief.

The concert series began in 2005, when that incarnation of AVP wanted to use their musical abilities to benefit those suffering after Hurricane Katrina. After that, the show became a staple in the AVP calendar year, with organizations like the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society benefiting from their efforts. Initially, the plan for this year's show was to focus on a local organization. But when disaster struck Haiti, the men of AVP were moved to put the focus of this year's Village Jam on helping out.

"While at most we will raise $5,000, the people in Haiti are in dire need of any support right now and we're doing our best to offer ours," said Robbie Eckardt, president of AVP. "Typically after a month, the news cycle tends to shift away from stories, even as they are still very newsworthy - the Haitian earthquake disasters are at that point...and so this is a perfect time for us to continue to raise awareness and support for the cause."

Eckardt added that the show will also make history on the UVA campus, as the three groups performing have never before performed in the same show.

"When we decided upon Haiti relief as our cause, we wanted to guarantee the concert would sell out and be a memorable experience," he said. "Since the usual venue (for the Village Jam) only holds 500, we decided to look to expand - we saw that the Paramount was available that night."

Tickets are $6 for students, and $10 for general admission. They can be purchased through the Paramount Theatre or at the door. More information about the Academical Village People (and their albums) can be found on their client page.


Written by Candice Helfand from A Cappella Records and the Red States. This blog entry was originally published on the A Cappella Records website.