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The professional vocal band, Home Free is seeking a talented bass singer interested in exciting opportunities in music and travel. We have been performing nationally and internationally for the last 10 years and are looking for a new bass.

We would like to offer someone a contract for our upcoming national tour, March 28 to May 15, 2010. Afterwards, this person will then be considered for a full membership position. If a candidate is unavailable during this tour, we are still interested in auditioning him for membership. This is a paid position.

We are looking for a talented bass singer who:

• Can consistently hit a low B
• Has a deep, rich tone
• Has excellent sense of pitch and rhythm
• Can sight read
• Is comfortable performing on stage
• Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

We appreciate your time in the matter! If you or anyone else would like more information about our group, please email me at Chris@homefreevocalband.com and/or visit any of the links below.

Thank you!

Chris Rupp
Managing Director
Home Free
 888-GR8-BAND  888-GR8-BAND (478-2263)
EPK at sonicbids.com/homefree