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Fans of the ABC (formerly NBC) sitcom “Scrubs’’ have long been hip to “Ted’s Band.’’ The goofy a cappella quartet headed by oft-flummoxed attorney Ted Buckland (Sam Lloyd) frequently shows up to enhance the yuk quotient at Sacred Heart Hospital with a good TV theme song or commercial jingle. But it turns out that “Ted’s Band’’ is a real group called the Blanks, three of whom hail from New England. Lloyd is a Vermonter, George Miserlis and Paul Perry are from Lowell and Stoneham, respectively, and Philip McNiven is a Philly native. The quartet has been touring for the past year and a half to promote its debut album, “Riding the Wave,’’ featuring intricate vocal arrangements of “Scrubs’’ favorites like the theme to “Charles in Charge.’’ The Blanks bring their harmonious humor to the Wilbur Theatre on Friday at 10 p.m.

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