Homem-pact Performs At The Los Angeles A Cappella Festival This Weekend!

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UCLA will play host to m-pact on January 30, 2010 at the Los Angeles A Cappella Festival (LA/AF).  The Festival features a stand-alone evening concert preceded by a lineup of over 30 workshops and individual masterclasses, facilitated for hundreds of a cappella singers and enthusiasts from around the country.  More than 1000 will be in attendance at the evening concert and hundreds more will watch live shows throughout the day at the Ackerman Grand Ballroom Stage.  This event is not only the largest a cappella concert in Los Angeles this year, but the largest festival for contemporary a cappella music on the west coast.

Among the diverse list of performers slated to appear during the day, 2009 International Competition of Collegiate A Cappella Champion, Fermata Nowhere, will make a special appearance.  Beatboxing and live looping demos will also be a part of the day’s festivities.

The Los Angeles A Cappella Festival is hosted by UCLA’s Bruin Harmony and proudly sponsored by the Contemporary A Cappella Society of America.  The evening concert will take place in Ackerman Grand Ballroom on the UCLA campus and feature, in addition to m-pact, LA’s own, Sonos.  Doors will open at 7:30pm and the concert will start at 8pm.

Hailed "one of the best pop-jazz vocal groups in the world" by the San Francisco Chronicle, m-pact is respected worldwide as a cutting edge trailblazer in the realm of vocal music.  Their sophisticated sound and accessible appeal have garnered vast accolades, from Vocal Group of the Year from the LA Music Awards, an Indie nomination (the Independent GrammyTM), and Artist of the Year (Seattle Music Awards), to Grand National Champs of the Harmony Sweepstakes competition.  Don’t miss this celebration of the vocal arts.  January 30, 2010 on the UCLA campus.

For those interested in attending the series of workshops during the day, please visit the Los Angeles A Cappella Festival website at www.LA-AF.com.  Classes feature instructors from m-pact and Sonos in addition to producer Bill Hare, renowned vocal percussionist Jon Pilat, and President of the Contemporary A Cappella Society of America, Julia Hoffman.  Course topics range from vocal percussion and solo delivery, to recording and competition strategies.  A full list of courses is available at the LA/AF website.

For ticketing and class registration, visit: www.LA-AF.com.
For additional information, please contact LA/AF at: Info@la-af.com.


m-pact now on Amazon MP3.

Download m-pact albums "2", "It's All About Harmony", "The Carol Commission" and "m-pact" on Amazon MP3.

The full list of downloadable songs with previews is here: http://www.acappellarecords.com/artists/m-pact/ 

I can't wait to hear them preform live on Saturday night!

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