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Having spent a great time with Bill Hare recording 'Aces High', VOCES8 is coming back to the US for a massive 5 week tour in February and March 2010!!

We kick off in Minneapolis-St Paul with our good friends, the Rose Ensemble, and, after concerts in MN and at St Cloud University, we begin an epic road trip that's going to take us through Iowa, Mississipi, Arkansas, Alabama and Denver before we fly to Virginia and then head off to finish the tour in Bermuda.

Our new album, Aces High portrays the very British side of our a cappella performance with songs from one of our finest British export, James Bond!! For the occasion, we've been suited up by none other than fine gentlemens tailors, TM Lewin.  Album launch parties around London at some truly stylish bars, and even a concert on board a £7 million Sunseeker at the London Boat Show, gave the disc a worthy first mission, and we're now heading over to the US brimming with excitement about meeting some wonderful people and singing some great music.

I hope we meet many many a cappella singers and fans on our 2010 visit - and get ready now, we're already planned to come back at around the same time in 2011....!!!

Come and see us, meet us and sing with us! After all, you'll never have the chance of singing a cappella with Roger Moore, appealing as the idea is!


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