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Okay, this is a bit dorky, I know, but I miss singing in chorus and a cappella in high school and college. I figure since you can play stupid sports like kickball in NYC, there must be a singing group I could join. Is there?

Ten and Change
Ten years old and still going strong, this male contemporary a cappella crew is a “drinking group that sings, or a singing group that drinks.” That doesn’t make this fellowship of 10 to 16 young professionals unique—most of the dozens of a cappella groups found in New York City double as tippling clubs. But Ten and Change (info@tenandchange.com) sounds infinitely better than you and your drunk bros at karaoke, and the group is always looking for new members for performances big (like when they sang at Shea Stadium) or small (local drinking holes). “Candidacy is based on musical ability, blending, tone, solo ability,” says tenor Will Moller. It probably doesn’t hurt to be able to chug a little, too.
Recent playlist: “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” by Stevie Wonder, “In the House of Stone and Light” by Martin Page

The Red States
Perhaps the best-known of NYC’s coed groups, the Red States (redacappella.com) have been making a cappella “cool” since 2007. “You won’t see us wearing glittery vests, top hats or doing jazz hands,” says artistic director Brian Chambers. “I’m trying to keep us in the pocket of ‘dirty’ pop and legit rock.” The 13-member group belongs to the Contemporary A Cappella League (casa.org/league), a great place to start if you’re looking for opportunities to sing. On Thursday 14, check them out at Don’t Tell Mama (43 W 46th St between Eighth and Ninth Aves; 212-757-0788; donttellmamanyc.com; 8:30pm, $15 and two-drink minimum).
Recent playlist: “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga, “Use Me” by Bill Withers

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