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Heard of the House Jacks? Think Straight No Chaser is super slick? Do you know who VoiceMale, the Beelzebubs, Out of the Blue, Off the Beat or Rockapella are? Do you love making sick harmonies with other guys, and ripping the face off contemporary pop/rock/R&B/etc. songs?

If so, this ad should be right up your alley.

VocalFISSION, a new contemporary a cappella group in the Cleveland area, is auditioning singers for its group.

Auditions are being held January 25th from 6pm-9pm at Pilgrim Congregational Church at 2592 W 14th Street in Cleveland, Ohio.
Please be prepared to sing an a cappella solo of your choice. You will also be asked to sight read and sing withe the group.

The group, headed by Music Director Bryan Guffey, is a group whose roots will be based in solid singing, inventive arrangements and soulful interpretation of both classic songs as well as original music. The group will be all-male and sit in size between 10-14 members.

WE are looking for performers with stage presence, strong solo voices, and the ability to harmonize well. We are especially looking for arrangers and Vocal Percussionists!

In terms of your general disposition:

1. Men who can sing. I'm talking about knock your socks off, raise the roof singing. Whatever genre you do, we want to hear you do it better than anyone else in northeast Ohio.

2. Guys who understand group singing. It's awesome if you can rock our faces off with a brilliant solo and make us want to fall over in amazement, but if you can't then step back and be part of a group, you won't do anyone any good. Group singing is the heart of this group, and a person with a strong send of blend, intonation, and ensemble work will go far with us.

3. Guys who know music. This is two fold. We are looking for guys who not only understand music and the way it's built, in terms of singing and knowing where your part fits, but also those who write and arrange music. In the spirit of wanting our group to have inventive arrangements and original music, those who can create get a leg up.

4. Guys who can commit. Now, this isn't your full-time job. However, this is something we hope to make a little money at, and we expect if you say you're going to be somewhere, you'll be there, ready to go. We want people who are passionate about singing, and when they are with us, they are 100% present.

5. Guys who have some a cappella experience. This one is almost a bonus, but it helps if you know what we're doing without us having to teach you from scratch. Of course, if you rock, it won't matter. Aca-experience is like the sprinkles on a really good cookie. It makes it that much better, but you wouldn't eat the cookie just for the sprinkles.


5. Guys who know how to have fun. Sure, it's gonna be a lot of work. Definitely, it'll be intense at times. It'll be hard work, but fun work. Great, Bill Cosby meets Steve Martin and Robin Williams having a food fight with Eddie Izzard fun. We wouldn't do this if when we were singing we didn't think a cappella was the greets thing since sliced bread, but we do. Therefore, FUN is essential!

If you think you fit this profile, and are between the ages of 18-whatever, then shoot us an email at vocalfission@gmail.com. We're having auditions on January 25th, from 6pm to 9pm. Let us know your availability, musical background, and what interests you about this opportunity!

Can't wait to hear from you!

Bryan Guffey
Music Director


vote of confidence

Bryan has vision, energy and talent.  If I lived in Ohio, I'd sing with him!

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