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We are in the process of booking entertainment for A Cappellastock 2010.  If you havn't heard of the one night big a*$ a cappella concert check out the website to learn more.  www.acappellastock.com  We expect a sold out crowd again this year with over 3000 people.  Our goal is to let the world know that a cappella music can and is as big as any mainstream show if they are put on the same stage with the same lighting and sound.  Last year we brought 2 semi truck loads of lights and sound.  You won't be singing on powered speakers with a couple of monitors.  We bring a huge line array with 4 dual 18" subs per side.  Please either email or call me.


Email me jared@tminus5.com or

Email me jared@tminus5.com or call 801-643-5057

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