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Three weeks is way too much to journalize. Many thanks to the Ecksteins (The Koenigsbergs of the North), the Koenigsbergs (the Ecksteins of Manhattan), Scott Barbarino, Terese Genecco, Eben Sprinsock and Minko Minko (Meower Supreme of the West Village)!

- Murray's may have knocked Artisanal into second position in my New York City Cheese Hierarchy. Although to be fair, they don't serve fondue and you can't sit there and eat. I just like their attitude. And what New York Magazine dubbed the Best Breakfast Melt in Manhattan.

- Singing 3 weeks of shows is better than singing one weekend of shows for many reasons. It actually gets easier.

- Celebrities can be rude. (NO, not Harry Shearer, Judith Owen, or any of their Holiday Singalong gang!)

- You shouldn't post medical stuff about other people on Facebook. Unless they are too old to care.

- Snow will not deter true fans (I'm talkin' to you, Saratoga Springs and Pawling!).

- There are remote devices available for public purchase that can turn TVs in bars and restaurants OFF from up to about 50 feet away.

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