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What do you think of the Sing-Off final 3? Who will win? Call (877) 97-MOUTH, and share your opinion!

Mouth Off, the newest podcast celebrating the world of a cappella, has opened the phone lines for listeners and fans to express their opinions.  If you make the toll-free call and leave a voicemail, hosts Christopher Diaz and Dave Brown may very well play your message right on the air!!

Any a cappella topic is fair game...

  • Sing-Off judges, song choices, outfits, finale predictions
  • BOCA 2010 praise, gripes
  • Announcements about new albums
  • Complaints about your overbearing music director
  • CARA 2010 predictions
  • CASA festival thoughts
  • A cappella's impact in 2009
  • The future of a cappella: will it go (even more) mainstream?
  • Questions for Dave and Christopher to answer
  • Feedback on Mouth Off itself. Who's a better host?

CALL NOW!  We look forward to hearing what you have to say!

For info on other great a cappella podcasts, click here.

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I did this.


It was awesome. 

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