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While promoting tonight's premiere of The Sing-Off hosted by Nick Lachey, NBC has blatantly referenced FOX's reality giant American Idol, as well as the increasingly popular dramedy, Glee. So it looks like the peacock is plucking a few ideas from the competition.  The Sing-Off is what would happen if you took the best of both American Idol and Glee and mixed them together, at least that's what NBC is hoping for.

Much like Idol, The Sing-Off is, at its core, a singing competition, but instead of solo singers being featured, the new show is taking a Glee-ful approach by featuring a cappella groups.  The show's Monday, December 14th 2-hour premiere will be followed by subsequent 2-hour 2nd and 3rd rounds of competition and elimination on Tuesday and Wednesday, December 15 & 16 and will culminate in a live finale on December 21.  During the live finale, the winning group will be awarded an Epic Records/Sony recording contract and a cash prize of $100,000.

In all fairness, this isn't NBC's or Lachey's first foray into reality singing competition shows.  It's not even the first time NBC has enlisted the help of Lachey for a reality singing competition.  Back during the holiday season of 2007, Lachey lead a choir to victory on NBC's Clash of the Choirs. Lachey also acted as host of 2008's ABC reality competition series High School Musical: Get In The Picture and produced and guested on MTV's recent Fame rip-off, Taking The Stage.  Let's not forget Nick's very first jolt of reality, as part of the doomed famous married couple, Newlyweds with then-bride Jessica Simpson.

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