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The Acapodcast for April 6th, 2006.

This episode has a great set of music. It falls under the contemporary or pop heading. Not much in the way of jazz or classical this week. Part of that is because I’ve opted to play a couple of college groups this week, both groups that are on their way to the ICCA Finals! Join me in wishing all the finaists good luck!

We start this time with The Exboyfriends – Blinded By The Light
This is a great track from their recent release, Karaoke Bar Brawl. They have a show coming up in NYC in May at the hot Mercury Lounge, so get tickets now!

Sean Altman, formerly of Rockapella, now in a successful solo career brings us the next track, called Miserable Destiny (go check out his SongNotes for that track!). He also sings with the Groovebarbers, who are currently on national TV in an Astelin commercial – not just singing in it, but starring in it too.

10fm – I Fell The Earth Move, from NYC. Hey, can I get some more all female groups on the show? E-mail me at chad (at) acapodcast.com.

Almost two weeks ago now, right after the last episode, I went to the New England ICCA semifinals, and it was a great competition. The MIT Chorallaries won, which has me very excited. Of course, I might be a bit biased towards them, as Kevin, a friend of mine is in the group. But I wasn’t a judge, so it didn’t have anything to do with them winning. I have a track from them here, a mashup of Flood and It’s My Life from their latest (2004) CD. It isn’t available on a-cappella.com, but you can order it right from their site. Maybe they’ll have a new CD coming out soon? The other ICCA finalists I have on the show this time are the western europe finalists. They are Oxford University’s Out of the Blue singing Every Other Time, and they are currently touring the US, before going to the ICCA finals in April. If you want to go see these two groups and six other excellent groups compete, go see them at the Lincoln Center in New York City on Saturday, April 29th. Tickets can be purchased online. They sold out well in advance last year.

We close out with The Exboyfriends singing Who Are You? from Karaoke Bar Brawl. Thanks go out to Jeremy from the group for sending it in. If you want to submit music to The Acapodcast, e-mail me at chad@acapodcast.com. Thanks everyone for tuning in!

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