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A full half hour of some super tunes here. Da Vinci’s Notebook are some of the real Kings of Comedy in the A Cappella world, and Title of the Song is one of my favorites. It gets wittier every time I listen to it. How often would you hear an actual boy band use some of the more erudite words in this song?

The Georgetown Saxatones are Georgetown’s newest group, with service to the community as one of their founding tenents. They sing in the hospital, the Alzheimer’s ward, and give concert proceeds to charities, like STAND (a group against the violence in Darfur). This cover of With or Without You is a little newer than much of their repertoire, but Michael made a nice arrangement of it, and Meghan does a great job with the solo.

fii from MAUF sent me a couple of live tracks from their concert in Vienna, and this one, Power To the People, got so stuck in my head, I had to share it.

Blue Jupiter is still holding auditions for new members, so if you want to be a full time Tenor or Bass, give them a call. In the meantime, listen to Green Shaggy Carpet Ride, one of their actual originals (sorry for the gaffe last show).

So why’d I play the Penny Loafers again? This is what, the third time? Well, partly because they’re now available on AcaTunes, but mostly because I enjoy a great song, and a nice mashup. In this example, Semi-Charmed Kind Of Life gets a little Tubthumping layered on.

Finally, I close out the episode with Da Vinci’s Notebook again. Not a comedy track this time, but their rendition of Blondie’s Call Me. It goes to show that the class clown can have a great serious side too. You just have to get to know him.
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