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The Dissipated Eight from Middlebury are one of the older groups around (over 50 years young), and are one of the many bright jewels of all-male a cappella in the New England region.  They’re bookending this show with a pair of Dave Matthew Band covers.  Both show off one of the D8’s greatest strengths: clean arrangements that aren’t overcomplicated, but also aren’t bland or simplistic.  Not a lot of reliance on block chords or parallel octaves.  And on Two Step, take a listen at those fabulous high notes sprinkled on top!  If that’s not enough, go check out ‘Windmills’ on the BOCA 2000 album.

And let’s not forget the boatload of great music from the other groups as well!  Here’s what’s in the show:

Route 66 and An Octave Above can both be seen at next weekend’s Acappellafest 2008, along with Vocal Chaos, elmoTHUMM, and Scott Leonard of Rockapella fame.  If you are anywhere near there, you owe it to yourself to go check out this great show.

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Take a listen to Show #49!