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44 minutes of Acapodcast goodness, served hot and fresh!  Subscribe to the show or click here to listen to show #56!  Read below the track list for more goodness!

Track Title Artist Album Original Artist
Easy Lover
Firedrill! ... Sings Without Music, Vol. II Phil Collins
Slice of Heaven
Suade Home Brew Dave Dobbyn
Over The Rainbow
Canvas finally Judy Garland
Ain’t No Sunshine
Jabberwocks Breaking & Entering Bill Withers / D’Angelo
Steal Your Heart
Suade Home Brew Suade (Loz Blain / The Colonel)
The House Jacks Good Things The House Jacks (Andrew Chaikin)
Different For Girls
Ice Haloes No commercially available album… yet! Joe Jackson
I’d Do Anything For Love Jabberwocks Breaking & Entering Meat Loaf
What A Fool Believes
Firedrill! ... Sings Without Music, Vol. II Doobie Brothers
Simpsons Theme
Canvas finally Danny Elfman

Oh Firedrill!, we’ll miss you. Your riveting covers of delicious Eighties tunes brought me back in time to the explosion of college a cappella, but with over 20 years of arranging, production, and advancement of the art.  Keep us up to date on whatever you guys do next.

Don’t forget that if you are registered with twitter, you can follow me (http://www.twitter.com/acapodcast) and tweet the phrase “Firedrill! rocks!” to me to be entered into a drawing for one of two Firedrill! CDs.

I mentioned that Andrew Chaikin performs under the stage name of Kid Beyond.  Here’s a great wikipedia article detailing much of his amazing efforts.  In a secret special commonality, Andrew got his start with the Brown Jabberwocks!

Send me thoughts and suggestions for show #57, which will be a Michael Jackson tribute episode.