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On June 25th the world lost a person why might arguably be called the greatest solo performer of our time.  Popular around the world, he was always the subject of public attention, be it for his music, his dancing, his championing of various causes, or even his eccentricities.  Show #57 is comprised entirely of Michael Jackson covers, mostly from his solo career, but a few from his time with The Jackson 5 as well.  The outlier in that is the cover of Billie Jean/No Diggity by Blackstreet and Dr. Dre, itself a cover and remix of the original Michael Jackson song.

Track Title Artist Album
Wanna Be Startin Something
Spiralmouth Spiralmouth
I Want You Back
The Dynamics Love Games
I’ll Be There
Ball In The House From The Bin
Billie Jean/No Diggity
Everyday People Everyday People
Rip Chords Breakthrough
Man In The Mirror
Amalgamates Hat Sale! Get Mama!
Black Or White
Brown Derbies Hat Trick
Workin’ Day and Night Firedrill! ... Sings Without Music, Vol. II
The Way You Make Me Feel
InPulse Live
Smooth Criminal
Fork Helsinki
Rock With You
Zumbyes Pirates of the Quabbin
Human Nature
Voicemale Ain't Done Overnight
Hyannis Sound Cape Standard Time

Congratulations @VocalBandNico10 and @jennycz for having their names drawn in the Firedrill! giveaway announced in show #56!