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Now that he’s gotten the global economy back on track, Joey hath returned, so stop worrying your pretty little heads about weather he was doing hard labor in a gulag, was dead, etc. . It’s the most wonderful time of the year, with the fall semester starting on college campuses everywhere, including Acappella U. In fact, we have a big announcement - the first scholarly work in the history of the University. More of a discovery really. We also ‘discover’ Mouth Off, a REAL a cappella podcast. Join us for some Capri Suns, spiral notebook party invites and a cappella tunes.

‘Don’t Stop Believing’ - Journey / USC SoCal VoCals
‘Chicago’ - Sufjan Stevens / NYU APC Rythym - arr. Emily Gu - thanks Josh!
‘The Luckiest’ - Ben Folds / USC Reverse Osmosis
‘Bad is Bad’ - Huey Lewis / Tufts Amalgamates
‘Day Dripper’ - The Beatles / Tufts Amalgamates