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In October 2008, Rymachine and I took an incredible trip through the creamiest bit of New England, winding through hill and glade, witness to an explosion of peak fall color all the while. The end of our trek was Dartmoth College, the most rustic and natural of the Ivies, and the Dodecaphonics 20th Anniversary Concert that we’d been invited to record. dsc_00821We had a wonderful time at Dartmoth, but tragically one of our tapes was lost in the process of packing our gear to leave, a horrible embarrassment which led to weeks of procrastination. Weeks turned to months, and procrastination turned into resignation ultimately resulting in the Sopranos-like hiatus of Acappella U as a whole.

Finally, after receiving a particularly heartbreaking letter from a student, we decided we couldn’t let Acappella U end on such a sad, despondent note. Episode 4 is a compilation of the footage we DO have from our fantastic Dartmoth experience, and though it’s certainly not as dynamic a piece as it might have been with the lost tape, it’s far better than the big pile of nothing Allie and all of her wonderful Dodecas have had this last 13 months.

Tackling a project like Acappella U when it’s been neglected for over a year is no easy feat, particularly when there are now so many wonderful a cappella podcasts to listen to. If you’re still interested in hearing us blast collegiate a cappella goodness across the internets, please click this link to send us an email and let us know!

- Joey

Rymachine and I back in the good old days.P.S - We just uploaded Acappella U Episode 53 and Acappella U:HD Episode 4!! We’re still working the bugs out with the media player for the website, but they’re up on iTunes for free or you can download them directly by clicking ‘download’ below!