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joshrittenbergOff the Beat invited us down to cover their Fall show and we just find it incredibly difficult to say no to them. Truthfully, they’re a big reason we started doing Acappella U four years ago, so we feel like shooting their concert was the least we could do. This is Owl City’s Fireflies, and it JUST SO HAPPENS that this number came out the best - we don’t have a man crush on Josh Rittenberg or anything. Really.

Thanks again to Off the Beat for having us down, and remember - if you’d like to have us come to your school to shoot a video and A) are located the Northeast or B) have deep pockets, shoot us an email,  or, better yet, be our fan on the Facebook and post a ‘message’ on our ‘wall.’ It’s a virtual wall, of course, on the Facebook. Very confusing but terribly modern!