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At last, video previews of The Sing Off!


First impressions:

I wonder if the general public still has any idea about this show?  They show these interviews, but you still don't really know what these groups are about.

Performance clips: it appears they did not solve the bass or vp issue.  I'm sure they sounded good live, but the broadcast sound is lacking.  Overall sound isn't terrible, but bass is low and indistinguishable, vp sounds lame, balance is still... not.  The viewing audience is still going to have no idea how good this stuff can really sound.  Smaller groups that rely on having real, present bass and thumping percussion are going to be at a serious disadvantage once the audience voting starts, unless they pull off some goofy novelty.  Which the larger college groups ('Bubs) are going to have cornered.  And their sound is going to be fuller, with more members.

[edit: a little bird has said that the web clips aren't the final go-to-air mixes.  I should hope note.  The groups deserve better.  The music deserves better.  The network deserves better.]

Putting the 'Bubs on headset mics was a great decision.  Full sound.  And white boys trying to be funky = always funny.  Mmmm, novelty.

I like what they have done visually with all the groups.  They all look distinct, have cool costumes.

Second impressions:

Some groups did not get the 'rephrase the question when you answer' memo.  A couple of the interviews, I didn't even know what they were talking about.

A couple of the interviews, I'm pretty sure _they_ didn't even know what they were talking about.  Lots of vagaries and redundancies; like preppily-dressed pro athletes.

Are female faux-hawks a style now?


I asked him!

That was the question I asked Ben Folds in the teleconference yesterday: whether they'd be able to successfuly navigate the sound issues that have hobbled a cappella on TV in the past, given that this show is completely about a cappella, and not just one act in a general talent show or something. He said he'd had multiple email conversations with the producers about just that, and thought that they would address it, but he also said that sound never quite comes across on TV, with ANY kind of band. I disagree with that - I think that a cappella always has fared worse because...I'm not sure? Noone knows how to correctly mic it? They just don't care, ultimately? I hope it comes across ok on the actual show...

Totally agreed about the interviews.

Also: female faux-hawks are adorable!

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I liked it!

I actually thought it sounded okay, or at least the group opening number did. It seems the bass always ends up being soft and though the vp wasn't great I thought you could at least hear it and it sounded decent. I was expecting a whole lot worse so I guess it was easy to exceed my expectations. I'm excited to watch and see how it goes!

Check this out

Okay here's Rockapella doing Silver Bells on TV.


Sounds pretty good and my boy George Baldi sounds like a beast!! I think they are wearing lapel mics and also using shure sm58's.

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