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Glee Episode 12 - Music Recap

 Holy GLEE, Batman! One week before the mid-season finale, and GLEE is pulling out all the dramatic stops in order to lock us further into its magnetic draw! This week, we got fake baby bumps, real baby bumps, Sue at her most evil, Will reduced to tears... and that's just the start!

This week brought us the return of Emma and Ken (welcome back!) and a reminder that their wedding is not far off. Of course, so are sectionals and - surprise! - they're on the same day! Ken's sticking to his guns here, guys. Of course, if I saw my girlfriend in the arms of Will Schuester, I'd be a little worried too! On the competition front, Sue's had some work done in order to prepare herself for one of the most anticipated - or dreaded, in the case of the Glee Club - events of the school year... yearbook photos! Unfortunately, Will can only snag enough space for two Glee Club members, due to Sue's determined to cut the club out of everything. With Rachel voted captain unanimously by the club (none of whom want to have their pictures effaced, as Kurt explains), Will tasks her to find a co-captain. Rachel, of course, convinces Finn, and we get our first song of the night, "Smile," by Lily Allen. For another great pick me up tune, you can check out "Don't Cha Wanna Ride" by Joss Stone, ably performed by this year's hostesses of SoJam, Duke's Out of the Blue.

Of course we come to the day of the pictures and Finn, feeling a little heat from his teammates, bails and leaves Rachel to take the picture alone. Rachel has a momentary lapse of confidence, but then picks herself back up in her usual, admirable way (giving us a sneak preview of our last song of this show at the same time) and pulls off some fierce photos. You're ready for Elle Magazine, girl! At the end of the shoot, when Rachel finds out that the photographer is directing a local commercial, she recruits the entire Glee Club to participate. The result is one of their best performances to date - "Jump" by Van Halen. If show choirs never used mattresses before, Sealy better lock down their stock now, because I fear their staple sheep may be out of a job! Want more rocking tunes from before you were born? Jam out to "Joy to the World" by Three Dog Night as performed by Middlebury College's slyly named Stuck in the Middle .

At this point, Glee takes a sharper, noticeably darker turn, unlike any we've seen in recent history. Will, who's willing to pay for the quarter page ad in the yearbook, comes home and discovers that Terri isn't pregnant after finding one of her fake bellies in a drawer. Amid the hysterical apologies, Will, teary eyed and heartbroken, walks out. Sue, after finishing a particularly foul "Sue's Corner" on the local television station, sees the club's commercial and proceeds to get them tossed out of Sectionals for profiting from their work. Will is further heartbroken upon hearing the news, coupled with the realization that, by sleeping on one of the mattresses after storming out of home, he effectively disqualified the group from competing. Quinn, however, has had enough. After realizing who she is and what she wants, Quinn blackmails Sue Sylvester into giving the Glee Club one of the Cheerio's six pages for free, and adds a warning to Sue that she will divulge all the secrets of the financial kickbacks the Cheerios have received if Sue doesn't watch where she steps and gets back on the team. Disgusted with Sue, Quinn refuses, walking out. About time she grew up!

In the final scenes of the episode, Will resigns from Glee Club, telling the kids that if they can't win Sectionals without him, he hasn't done his job and encourages them to go get "all gussied up" for their full-page photo in the yearbook. As the kids get ready, we hear an amazing version of "Smile, " the classic song first heard in instrumental version accompanying Charlie Chaplin's videos, and since covered by such people as Michael Jackson and more. It reminds us that, even when things have come to their worst, we can still smile. A great message for not only Will and the kids of Glee Club, but for all of us, especially around this time of year. For me, another song I am always drawn to when I'm down is Josh Groban's "Lullaby,' beautifully arranged and sung here by University of Oregon's On The Rocks. And so ends another episode of Glee.

Tune in with us next week as we wrap up the first half of the first amazing season of this BRILLIANT show. Until then, what are YOUR favorite GLEE moments?


Glee Episode 12