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If his a cappella quartet were the movie “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar,” Irwin Keller would be Patrick Swayze.

They look nothing alike, but as the bass singer in his drag ensemble the Kinsey Sicks, Keller’s character of “Winnie” is very much analogous to Swayze’s character Vida — the den mother of the drag show.

“Winnie is the one who covers when the other characters go too far,” says Keller, 49, a founding member of the Kinsey Sicks. “She’s the one that most recognizes the improprieties, and tries to cover for the sake of the audience’s delicate sensibilities.”

Keller and his fellow Kinseys Ben Schatz (aka “Rachel”), Jeff Manabat (“Trixie”) and Spencer Brown (“Trampolina”) clack their high heels into Winthrop on Friday, staging a show at the Winthrop Barn. Their repertoire embraces original songs and revisions of pop classics, all aimed at satirizing pop culture, politics and, of course, gender roles and sexual mores. Formed in San Francisco in 1993, the Kinsey Sicks (originally a five-piece, taking their name from the Kinsey Scale of sexual behavior) soon formed a firm local and, later, national following. They staged full-scale revues or concept-concerts, with titles like “I Wanna Be a Republican” (which also became a concert film), “Condoleezzapalooza” and the show they’ll stage in Winthrop.

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