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SoJam from the perspective of an a cappella fan a world away...

Hey a cappella fans,

In case you haven't seen it, there's a (ridiculously) in-depth Japanese a cappella-related blog called "A cappella Village" that focuses predominantly on a cappella in the "West"--if you will--with occasional updates on the state of a cappella in Japan (such as their recent SoJam-esque festival, JAM). You can read the blog here.

I bring this up because he just wrote a short update about The House Jacks performing at SoJam 2009. Here's a slightly more solid translation than Google's:

SoJam – America’s largest a cappella festival!
I just want to touch on it:
This year the Professional Showcase guests were Eclipse and The House Jacks. Dave Baumgartner, Deke Sharon, Austin Willacy, and Jeff Thacher gave workshops and lectures. There was also a collegiate competition. Awesome! The original rock band without instruments, The House Jacks, showcased their song “You Were Everything.”
Austin’s shout at 3:17 is amazingly cool! Deke and Roo’s voice-guitar harmonies (did they use a little effect on that? How did they produce that?), Jake’s exploding, overwhelming vocal percussion, Antonio's strong bass attack and sure sound! I love the “pitch down” at 2:36.
(And sadly, there is no “ATM attack” as per Google’s translation.)


Very Cool!

Thanks for the heads-up, Kari!  Are you available for Japanese lessons? :)



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Google translate'll at least

Google translate'll at least give you a peak at what they're saying :)



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