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(and by burning questions, I mean: questions that probably only I care about)

Who is the demographic they are trying to reach with this show?

Do the competing groups truly represent the current a cappella community?

 If a college group wins, how do they deal with the record contract?  For example, who actually owns the Tufts Beelzebubs?  Will the contract be with the group of guys who competed on the show, or with the group at the college?  If it’s the group of guys who were on the show, when they graduate, what will they call the group?  If it’s the group at the college, what happens to the guys who graduate?

 How is this competition going to be formatted?  Do groups get eliminated each show?  Is there audience voting?  When does voting happen?

 And last but not least, who are the coolest possible guest judges they could have on the show?  I’ve heard Ed Helms (The Office) and Ted from The Blanks (Scrubs) suggested.  Either would be great.  As it stands, I think I’d be happy with anyone not name Hasselhoff.