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Glee - Episode 11Hairography Hairography

Glee's back again, and another episode brings New Directions closer and closer to sectionals. This week also brings us back to a devious, plotting Sue Sylvester. This time she's undermining the efforts of the club by doling out their set lists to their Sectionals competition, which ultimately inspires Mr. Schuester to give the kids a "Hair"/"Crazy in Love" mash-up to perform. It's fun, but if you really want something vocal and original to move to, check out Naturally 7's "Wall of Sound," which appeared on Sing V: Groovus.

Their interactions with their competition reached an especially emotional level when the deaf school performed a tasteful rendition of John Legend's "Imagine," made better by New Directions joining them during the course of the number. Vocal music can produce some truly emotional moments - listen to Emory Aural Pleasure perform "Winter" by Tori Amos on Sing: A Vocal Explosion. I must also say that, though some activist groups don't approve of the show, I happen to feel their attention to diversity is wonderful. The LBGT community, minorities, handicapped persons and actors of ALL sizes are represented in positive lights.

This week also brought back the baby drama in full force, and the interweaving plots left most of the cast - and audience, probably - feeling crazy (or "Crazy in Love"... sorry, I couldn't resist). But at the same time, this week was also decidedly more, well, "high school," with a heavy emphasis on relationships - namely, trying to break up the one between Finn and Quinn. Rachel seeks advice from Kurt, but he misleads her in the interest of keeping Finn to himself (honey, it's not gonna work). She winds up adopting Sandy's style from the end of "Grease," much to Finn's chagrin. Poor Rachel - she just needs to take some advice from the Virginia Belles and "Hold On." Quinn meanwhile tries to spend time with Puck (who, as we all know, is that actual "baby daddy"). Though their babysitting adventure goes well (thanks to a great rendition of Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach"), Santana bursts Quinn's bubble by informing her that she and Puck were "sexting" during their babysitting play date. Perhaps if Quinn had performed "Heartbreaker" like the Tufts Amalgamates did, she would have held his attention better.

So it looks like the dream couple won't be torn apart anytime soon. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for us Gleeks and our new favorite show - time is running out before we lose Glee from our lives until April! Once the hiatus begins you can get your fix of creative vocal wonderment by checking out our catalog of amazing a cappella recordings!

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