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Vocal Chords is the weekly a cappella and vocal music show from the College of Journalism & Mass Communications at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.   The show airs/streams from 8:00-10:00 a.m. CST (-06:00 GMT) on Friday mornings, repeating in the same time slot on Sunday mornings.

Program Note:  The Friday morning live show returned to 90.3 KRNU (on the air and on the web) effective this week.  Both the Friday show and the Sunday replay are now available on the station’s website at http://krnu.unl.edu. Click the “90.3 KRNU” link.  Both shows are also available over the air on 90.3 KRNU, or via the 90.3 KRNU stream in the college/university radio category on iTunes. 

Here’s hoping you and yours had a peaceful Thanksgiving.  Mine was truly one for which to be thankful.

This weekend’s show features the first of our holiday music sets which will continue each week through December, leading up to the annual all-holiday music show on Christmas morning.

New music this weekend from:
--The Persuasions – http://www.thepersuasions.net/
--Overboard – http://www.overboardvocals.com/
--Straight No Chaser – http://www.sncmusic.com/
--Sting – http://stingwintersnight.com/

And – I am so happy The Bobs – http://www.bobs.com/ – will return to Lincoln next weekend to headline a December 5th show which also features Lincoln’s No Better Cause – http://www.nobettercause.com/.  Details are here: http://www.lafta.net/.

Got new music you’d like to share with my audience?  My full contact information is at the bottom of this playlist.  The e-mail address for the show is vocalchords2@unl.edu.

Playlists for the show are posted here each week:
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/krnuvocalchords
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The Contemporary A Cappella Society: http://www.casa.org/
The rec.music.a-cappella newsgroup (RMAC)

And now you can follow updates for each week’s show on Twitter:

Playlist for weekend of November 27-29, 2009:

*new to the show

The Liberty Voices - The National Anthem - A Cappella Americana
The King’s Singers - You Are The New Day - New Day
Opening Themes: Boyz Nite Out - BHX – Director’s Cut;
                              The Bobs - 47 Reasons – Plugged
*Overboard - Hello Goodbye - Help!
*The Persuasions - 500 Miles From Home - Live At McCabe's Guitar Shop
Hyannis Sound - Foreplay/Longtime - On The Clock
Hyannis Sound - Get Set - Shirt! Tie! Khaki!
Sonos - Everything In Its Right Place - SONOSings
Firedrill! - Soul Vaccination - Sings Without Music, Vol. II
baSix - Cry Out For Muses - Diversity
--Holiday Music Set #1:
-*Straight No Chaser - The Christmas Can-Can - Christmas Cheers
-*Sting - The Snow It Melts The Soonest - If On A Winter's Night
-First Call - An Evening In December - An Evening In December, Vol. 1
-Inner Voices - I Wonder As I Wander - Christmas Harmony
-The King's Singers - Nowell Sing We Now - Christmas
Cornell Chordials - Photograph - BOCA '07
*Overboard - Getting Better - Help!
*The Persuasions - Mona Lisa - Live At McCabe's Guitar Shop
Chapter 6 - Peg - With The Windows Down
Danny and David Fong - Scarborough Fair - demo
The Swingle Singers - A Fifth Of Beethoven - Beauty and the Beatbox
Tufts Beelzebubs - Typical - Play The Game
--Holiday Music Set #2:
-Overboard - I'll Be Home For Christmas - Tidings
-*Straight No Chaser - Christmastime Is Here - Christmas Cheers
-Straight No Chaser - Indiana Christmas - Holiday Spirits
-Ball In The House - Believe - Believe
-Anúna - Christmas Day Is Come - Christmas Songs
Vox One - Kind Of A Three - Pure Imagination
The Bobs - When We Start To Sing - Plugged
The Bobs - My, I'm Large - My, I'm Large
Rajaton - Un-Wishing Well - Out Of Bounds
The Bobs - Light My Fire - Coaster

Thanks to all the artists, performers, promoters, a cappella catalogs and listeners (on the air and on the web!) who make the show happen each week.  Please feel free to contact me with suggestions, comments, and recommendations.

And if you have music you would like me to include on the show, please send it along!  I would also appreciate press kits, concert schedules, and contact/ordering information.  My address:

Rick Alloway
Vocal Chords
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University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE 68588-0466

Phone: (402) 472-6856
FAX: (402) 472-8403

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Streaming audio available at http://krnu.unl.edu
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