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(updated 11/24/09)

3 College groups

1 group has more than the limit of 10-members as stated in the audition materials

2 groups from religious schools (Noteworthy, BYU; Voices of Lee, Lee University)

1 group named after a religious character (Beelzebubs)

2 all-female groups: Noteworthy and Maxx Factor

3 all-male groups: Beelzebubs, Face, NOTA

3 mixed groups: SoCals, Solo, Voices of Lee

1 Harmony Sweepstakes National Champion: MAXX Factor (2009)

2 Harmony Sweepstakes National Finalists: Face, MAXX Factor

1 ICCA Champion: Noteworthy (2007)

Number of singers per group (according to group web sites):

4: MAXX Factor

6: Face, NOTA

7: Solo

8: SoCals

9: Noteworthy

10: Voices of Lee

14: Beelzebubs

Locations of the groups:

L.A. (2 if you count NOTA); Provo, UT; Boulder, CO; Omaha, NE; Cleveland, TN; Maryland; Medford, MA; Puerto Rico (if you ignore the fact that NOTA lives in L.A.).

Assuming the names on the web sites are the people who will be competing in the competition, here are the first names of the people in the competition:

Alexander Allie Amanda Amber Amy Ben Brian Bryan Candace Cassie Chad Conor Courtney Dan David (2) Edgar Eli Eric Evan Forest Garland Jason Joe Johnny Jose Juan Jus Kate/ Katie (2) Kelley Kelsey Kent Kim Laina LaTisha Lauren LeChloe Leslie Lizzy Lucy Ludwig Mark (2) Matt Melody Michael Mo Molly Nick Paul (2)  Penn Phil Ryan (2) Siri Stephen Tim Valerie

And one “Doctor Beat Box”


ed. notes:

Apparently the SoCals are not the SoCal Vocals, affiliated with USC.  Which means all the information I have about them is incorrect: I'll update stuff when I find out real info about them.

I also assume I have some info wrong about other groups, especially the college groups: don't know if they are using all their members, if the members listed on their web site are current, etc.

Much more to learn about all these groups!


Hey Tim, the SoCals will be a group made up of alumni from the USC SoCal VoCals plus one current member.


And most of these alumni are recent graduates, almost all of which were a part of the group when they won their 2008 ICCA championship.

Cy Serrano Creative Director, Los Angeles A Cappella Festival LA/AF Website | Personal Website


Wait, Solo has 7 members?  Now I'm confused.  Unless they're all basses.

Chris Tess - chris@casa.org Tunes To Teens - http://www.casa.org/ttt A Cappella Mega-Sale - http://www.casa.org/content/cappella-mega-sale


worst group name ever?


Hello Everyone! :-)

On numerous occasions I have read the blogs and comments on this site, especially when the auditions for the Sing-Off began.  I have especially enjoyed the candid discussions that are always held with respect.  On this occasion I felt the need to jump in and clarify a BIG misunderstanding.

I'm puzzled with the misconception that NOTA is from LA.  In reality, ALL of NOTA's members are from Puerto Rico and currently live in Puerto Rico with the exception of one member.  The only member that is temporarily out of Puerto Rico is due to the fact that he is completing a Post-Doctorate at Loma Linda University.  I personally know each and everyone of the members of NOTA and they traveled to LA to audition.  BTW, they are a bunch of really nice, down to earth guys.  

I love that the a cappella community is finally having the well deserved opportunity to showcase what an amazing art form it is!  I strongly feel this is the beginning of many great things for a cappella, no matter who is competing or who wins!  With this exposure, we ALL win!!

Good info!

Thanks for the clarification, vocalfan.  We're all trying to figure out more about the groups in the show, and only have what little information we can find online: their myspace page lists L.A. as their location, and their official web site lists a Los Angeles phone number as their contact number.  I personally don't care where they are from, they look like a great group and I'm looking forward to hearing them.

Do you happen to know how the group name is pronounced?  Note-uh?  Knot-uh?  Nadda?  N-O-T-A?

Ur Welcome!

NOTA is the spanish word for NOTE.  It is pronounced Know-Tuh.  Here is a link that allows you to play the audio pronunciation of it.   http://es.forvo.com/word/nota/

Looking forward to Dec 14th!


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