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Preliminary interest in starting choruses has been expressed by directors in:
Natick, Massachusetts
Plainview, New York
Pomona, New York
Martinsville, New Jersey
Northeast, Maryland
Plano, Texas
Toronto, Ontario
Fortuna, California
Palm Springs, California
Honolulu, Hawaii
For the most part potential directors (so far) fall into one of two camps. Barbershop-experienced directors are looking to branch into mixed voice singing (since 99.5% of barbershop is all-male or all-female), and look forward to singing vocal jazz and pop repertoire without so many rules. Music educators with college or contemporary a cappella experience are thinking about making the kinds of music theyve been involved with in the past available to adults in their communities.
If you are interested in helping, volunteers are needed! Building a 21st century chorus requires many helping hands. Email CASA Board Member Don Gooding, don@casa.org.