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By Neale McDevitt

As rivalries go, the ongoing turf war between Effusion a Cappella and Soulstice a Cappella - two of McGill’s three student-run a cappella choirs - is pretty friendly. They do their best to coordinate their respective audition and concert schedules so that they aren’t in direct competition with each other for singers or for an audience. More Jets vs. Sharks than Hatfield-McCoy - without the switchblades and zip guns, of course.

And, to further illustrate the point that music brings the world together, the two groups will be joining forces on Dec. 10 to sing at the official event in Old Montreal marking the arrival of the Olympic torch to our fair city during its 45,000-km cross-Canada journey to Vancouver. The combined choir will perform There’s a Light, written by Quebec’s own Gregory Charles especially for the Olympic Torch Relay.

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