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If you attended a rotation arch sing anytime last year, you probably saw eight a cappella groups. But if you stuck around until the end, chances are you saw a ninth perform - and some of the people who sang earlier in the night weren't too pleased about that. 

Many a cappella fans on campus probably don't realize that a somewhat complex system lies behind the sweet-voiced, finger-snapping facade. After all, while there are more than a dozen groups, only the eight oldest and most-established ones are included in the bi-monthly arch rotation: the Footnotes, Katzenjammers, Nassoons, Tigertones, Tigressions, Tigerlilies, Wildcats and the Roaring 20. 

The presidents of these groups make up acaprez, a sort of supra-group organization designed to schedule their various interactions and performances. 

Each group has a role to play. The Tigertones supply the meeting room, the Wildcats maintain a list of all the groups' songs to ensure that there is no overlap, and Roaring 20 publicizes the arch sing schedule and puts together the annual Tiger's Roar CD for freshmen. 

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