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Too many amazing things to mention them all, but certainly some favorite moments from my end, experiences from SoJam 2009:

-Masterclass (3 hours!) with Treble from NYC.  Musical, talented, smart, funny ladies who flat out make great music.  They were a joy to work with.

-Saturday night pro concert: Eclipse smooth as iced honey, Lilli and Matt doing some great stuff, and House Jacks were ON FIRE.  I've seen HJ four times in 9 months, and they are always spectacular, but they were on a special plane of stupendous Saturday night.  I see tons of a cappella, and I actually sat and enjoyed the whole thing without thinking about it... which does not happen often.  

-Watching the 'lightbulbs' coming on... and having a few of my own come on.  Students in the middle of workshops suddenly getting 'it.'  Getting something.  Their faces light up, they have made a connection that has just changed the way they think about a cappella, music, and/or life.  Watching attendees coming out of classes chattering about ideas they are ready to take home to their groups, about concepts that will take them to the next level.  Yes.

-Dancing with Professor Benjamin Stevens, followed by a conversation about ancient Roman poetry.  FTW.

-Walking around Duke campus and finding little pods of music making.  Same thing after the concerts, little groups standing around jamming.  

-Making crude noises in a shockingly musical way with Ariel from the CASA Board of Directors.  Started as accompaniment for the documentary on the TV, quickly morphed into soul-moving academic art.  Though you probably had to be there to comprehend the profundity.  Of course, it was also Sunday afternoon after 3 days of SoJam and very little sleep.  So, take that for what it's worth.

YOUR favorite moments?  Post them below!


I really need to re-develop

I really need to re-develop my embouchure.

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"Idea for a loop: sphincter."

"Idea for a loop: sphincter." You get credit for that, Tim-tom.

And also... "Thank you, Shane." "Danke Shane!"


I really hope that first one doesn't come back to haunt me when I'm running for president in 2028.

Favorite Moments?

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