HomeVocal adrenaline: Fairmont group Eleventh Hour shares its gleeful sounds

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Songs from the new television series “Glee” have been among the top downloads on iTunes since the Fox hit began in September.

Fans of that style of vocal adrenaline owe it to themselves to check out Fairmont High School’s own singing dynamos in the a cappella group Eleventh Hour.

“Like Clockwork,” the latest CD from the less precocious but equally talented youngsters, includes a powerful version of Sara Bareille’s “Bottle It Up,” a unique interpretation of the Johnny Cash classic “Ring of Fire” and a medley of Bee Gees songs.

“I think the overall product is yet another level up from what we’ve been doing,” Fairmont choral director Brody McDonald said. “This is the fourth disc and we’ve taken it to another level each time, but this one was especially noticeable.”

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