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SoJam Crowd

November 6th, 2009.  Mark it down.

On this date, the SoJam A Cappella Festival will host a record-breaking number of groups and aca-crazed fans in Durham, NC, for an entire weekend of acagoodness.

As of this writing, we have 9 more days until the event, but we've already smashed our all time record for attendance (as reflected in ticket sales) for #SoJam, and ticket sales are still pouring in.  We're talking more than 35 FULL GROUPS and dozens of other groups being represented in some part - pro groups, college groups, high-school groups, CAL groups - you name it!  And this isn't taking into account the other fans who've purchased tickets, nor the weekend-of sales.  So when you come, you can expect to be literally surrounded by fellow a cappella fans.

What does this mean for you, CASA reader? It means if you haven't made your plans to attend SoJam 2009 yet, you should do it NOW.  We've put months of work into making this an incredible weekend for the a cappella community, and we want to make sure YOU are there to enjoy it!

So if you're already coming - great! - we've got an incredible weekend in store for you. 

If you haven't made your plans yet - Aspire to greatness; get off the sidelines.


Want to learn more?  Check out videos, audio, and pics at these sites:



See you there!





Biggest, baddest, awesomest SoJam EVER?!

You betta believe it!!!

Matt Emery CASA Director of Communications Three-time Recipient of RARB "Post of the Year" Title

Guys seriously. This SoJam is

Guys seriously.

This SoJam is going to make me cry with joy.  And it's not even here yet. BUY YOUR TICKETS!!

Christopher M. Diaz | ICCA & CARA Judge | FSU ANY '08 | Mouth Off! co-founder/host

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