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It's been a while since I've blogged about my group.  Once things started rolling it seemed better to spend my time nurturing it rather than writing about it.  :)  This is going to be a long one, so you might want to top off your coffee (if only to keep yourself awake should you decide to slog all the way though).

What started out as "Sono" has become "Frequency".  We are a 7-member mixed CASA League group, focusing on music that I want to hear.  Stuff that got me excited about the form a few years back when I heard popular music being done in A cappella style...music I grew up with on the radio in Southern California. 

A quick back-story; I joined a CAP group 4 years back and I became hooked then; joined CASA.org as a non-paying member and poked around the world of Aca.  After the group sputtered and died, I went back to focusing on theater but CAP was never far from my mind.  Life events led me back this year and I decided to do something I'd never done before; create something, from scratch, without having a real idea of what I was doing or how I would do it.  I just had faith that I would figure it out.  In short, I set an intention, and I followed through.  At 36 years of life, it's never too late to figure out that you control your own ship.  I can't tell you how many times in my life I've let fear stop me before.  This was somehow different.

Last night was our second performance at a regional A cappella showcase "Javapella".  We performed the only two songs that we have polished so far in front of a modest crowd--and without a VP--but we felt like rock-stars and I couldn't be prouder of our group.  It's safe to say, even with a still long road ahead, the dream is realized.

My immediate goal is to rock the generally untapped Orange County, CA marketplace, continue to build a name for ourselves as well as our set list, and start hitting the festival curcuit come next year.  After that, world domination, of course.  ;)

I want to take a moment and thank so many people who are part of this A cappella community who have been my mentors, even when they didn't know it.  I have been ubiquitous at local AcaEvents this year and have met so many amazing people...all of whom have been more than supportive and encouraging when they heard I was forming a group.

1)  Deke, who was the first person I spoke with about getting back into A cappella while at the LAAF, and also the person I had to email when I backed myself against a wall and applied to the CASA League with the intention of forming my group.  The fear of telling Deke I was doing this and then not going through with it was a bigger motivator than the fear that I couldn't do it!  (Deke, like runs this shizznit and could have any one of us killed, donchaknow ;) )

2)  Mister Tim.  What can I say about him?  As the man who's started more groups than exist on most big college campuses today, he was huge source of encouragement and motivation.  As the second person I stated my intentions to and the first person who heard me utter the words "I can't seem to find a group so I guess I'm just going to have to start one", he has been nothing less than amazingly supportive throughout.

3)  Glenn Wanke, and Vocal Magic are the hosts of our local A cappella showcase and a HUGE source of support; by providing a venue where a fledgling group can spread it's wings, by so frequently and vocally encouraging me, and by providing a monthly A cappella "refill" when I needed it.  I owe Glenn an enormous debt and am a huge fan.

4)  The members of "Evolution", as the first group I really befriended and the winners of the LA Regionals, they gave me someone to cheer for after I made the impromptu decision to trek up to Finals.  Their energy and the personal friendships I've made with several of their members have sustained me on my path.  Rolland, I'm looking at you.

5)  Down 4 the Count who I had the fortune of bumping to twice (once at the SD A cappella Festival and once at an M-Pact show) and specifically Colleen and Penny who thought enough of me to include me in their plans to go for The NBC Sing off audition on their own.  Experiences like this are why I love this community so much.

6)  Vybration for continuing to be my biggest influence, and specifically Jill for being my longest and dearest A cappella friend.  You have inspired me on so many occasions.

7)  CASA.org, and the cast of people around it.  I've said it before...the ability to blog and have it show up as headline news on the front page has done more to make me feel like I'm a part of this community than anything else, and the people around here couldn't be nicer.

8)  Red Harmony, M-Pact, Sonos, all have been live show destinations and worth the time and trouble to drive to LA.  They have all been a source of inspiration and education!  I narrowly missed adding SixthWave to this group recently, and I should give an honorable mention to The House Jacks who were nothing short of amazing at the LAAF and also The Alley Cats who have been doing this CAP thing a long time and I have been lucky enough to have around my life for a while...especially Phil.

9)  All the people who responded to my ads and auditioned for Sono/Frequency because your presence at those info meetings made this all seem VERY real to me, even though most of you were basically Craigslist responses.  Specifically Joelle, Dane, and Lauren for continuing to support the group even when you didn't get in.

10)  The members of Frequency.  I can't even begin to put into words what your individual and combined energy has done for me, never mind the fact that you have been and are still actively responsible for me realizing my dream.  I love all of you and am excited about this journey we're on.

I hope I didn't leave anyone out.  Thanks for reading if you made it this far.  Hopefully you'll have a chance to see Frequency do it's thing and please say "hi" to me afterward.  I look forward to meeting you!

I am SO looking forward to SoJam!!


It's thrilling to hear about

It's thrilling to hear about your group's early success.  Thanks so much for sharing your ongoing story with us.

I look forward to meeting you at SoJam!

--Dave Brown

now: Mouth Off host | ICCA & CARA Judge

then: CASA president, CASAcademy director, CASA Bd of Directors | BYU Vocal Point | Noteworthy co-foun

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