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Well I've been a member for a number of years now though time constraints keep me from saying very much so my apologies.  

If you're reading this, I'll assume you don't know me (why would you??).  My name is Ned.  I grew up in the fine state of Connecticut in the suburbs of New York.  As a teenager I became heavily involved in music, playing trumpet, piano, and singing.  It was around tenth grade for some friends and I that we discovered our passion for a cappella music.  Several of us had grown up singing in the same church choir and also in the same school choir.  After listening to some recordings by Rockapella, the Nylons, the Vineyard Sound, the Dukes Men, among others, we decided that it'd be a great idea to form our own group to perform for friends and family.  Little did we know that our idea would grow into not only a great christmas time fundraising opportunity, but a popular act and a deep appreciation for the beauty the music brings.  

Since then we've all moved on.  I became the arranger and tenor in a doo wop group in college similar to my high school group.  Others have moved on to perfoming in New York, conducting in Michigan, and our high tenor, Phil, recently became a member of the Swedish group Baravox!  Whenever we gather a bunch of us together in one room though, some of our old standards inevitably come out, with varying success!

In the meantime, that's my story in a nutshell.  I don't do much singing aside from Karaoke and in the shower these days, though if I could find a group of people as enthusiastic I'm sure another group would emerge.  As it is, I'm working on arranging and composing again on the side.  We'll see what comes of it.

I hope that all those of you who appreciate a cappella music as much as I do find enjoyment in performing, listening, composing, or at the very least discussing it.  



Welcome to CASA and be sure

Welcome to CASA and be sure to check out the Contemporary A Cappella League- I'm sure you can find a group of similarly passionate dudes and dudettes who would love to sing with you!!

Christopher M. Diaz | ICCA & CARA Judge | FSU ANY '08 | Mouth Off! co-founder/host

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