HomeBubs await Tufts’ sign-off to appear on NBC’s ‘The Sing-Off’

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The Beelzebubs have been chosen by NBC to compete in a new reality competition, “The Sing-Off.” The program will feature eight a cappella groups from around the country, all vying for one grand prize: a Sony recording contract.

Beelzebubs President Eli Seidman, a junior, said the process began over the summer when the singers got a call from an executive in the show’s casting department asking them to audition. To be eligible to audition, a group had to be fewer than 10 people, and the Bubs (as they are called on campus) usually have 14 or 15. “We told her it would really affect our sound, that we don’t want to leave behind any guys, and just said no right there, that we couldn’t go down to that number,” said Seidman. “We didn’t really give it any thought, so we just said no. The Bubs don’t usually like to compete.”  

Evidently, NBC didn’t want to take no for an answer, because the casting director soon called the group back, which allowed Seidman to voice the group’s concerns about the size limit. “She looked into it,” he said, “and, sure enough, they said we could audition with 14 guys.”

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